Kate China (The Parent company of HSI) Officially Listing on the GEM Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong


(Hong Kong, 18 July, 2014) – Kate China Holdings Limited (“Kate China” or the “Group”, Stock Code: 8125) announced its successful listing on the GEM Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited on 18 July, 2014. Kate China is a Hong Kong based company which primarily engaged in design and fitting-out business. The Group’s Chairman and Executive Director, Mr. Chat Tat Wah, CEO and Executive Director, Mr. Fok Chun Kit, and Executive Director, Mr. Tsang Kei Cheong, alongside its management team, as well as other cooperative partners have attended the listing ceremony.


Mr. Chan Tat Wah, Chairman and Executive Director of Kate China Holdings Limited said, “We are delighted with the enthusiastic support from the capital market for the listing of Kate China on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong. The listing is a great encouragement for all the staff in the Group and we would also like to thank all the investors for their confidence in us. The successful listing is a major milestone of the Group’s entry into a new level in the global capital market, and marks a new chapter for its future growth and business development.” Kate China has been in the design and fitting industry for over 10 years. The success story of the Group today truly reflects the Lion Rock’s hard-working spirit of Hong Kong people. Mr. Chan Tat Wah, Chairman of the Group established Karlson C & C Limited by his own efforts in 2004. Leading a Hong Kong management team along with perseverance and striving spirit, the design and fitting out business has been progressively expanded from Hong Kong to Singapore and Malaysia.


Looking ahead, Mr. Chan concluded: “Despite the competitive market environment today, the management team is confident of the market outlook by adhering with a “Lion Rock’s spirit” of pioneering, progressive and flexible attitude. We will continue to expand our footprint in the design and fitting-out industry both locally and globally by leveraging the experience and expertise of the Group. With proven strategies, we are looking forward to grasp any business opportunities and create lucrative returns to our shareholders.”

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中持基業控股有限公司(Hotel Sourcing International Limited 的母公司)成功於香港聯交所創業板掛牌上市

(香港,2014年7月18日)–中持基業控股有限公司(「中持基業」或「集團」,股份代號:8125)成功於2014年7月18日在香港聯合交易所有限公司(「聯交所」) 創業板正式掛牌上市。中持基業是建基於香港的集團,主要從事設計及裝修業務。集團主席兼執行董事陳達華先生、行政總裁兼執行董事霍俊傑先生,執行董事曾紀昌先生及其公司管理團隊,以及其他合作夥伴均出席了掛牌儀式。

中持基業主席兼執行董事陳達華先生表示:「我們非常榮幸得到各界投資者對公司於香港聯交所上市的大力支持,集團上下感到極大鼓舞,我們感謝各界對我們的信任。這次成功上市是公司邁向國際資本市場的一個重要里程碑,也標誌著公司積極為未來發展開展新的一頁。」中持基業屹立設計及裝修業逾十年,集團今天的成功正正反映出香港人在獅子山下的奮鬥精神。在2004年,集團主席陳達華先生憑藉自己的努力,創立Karlson C&C Limited,以堅持不懈的精神,帶領著一班勤奮拼搏的香港管理團隊,逐步將設計及裝修業務由香港發展至新加坡及馬來西亞。


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